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      2016年3月31日,谷歌高级研究科学家、谷歌语音部门Yannis Agiomyrgiannakis博士和李博博士来访实验室交流。
      当日下午,Yannis博士在学院105报告厅给大家带来了题目为“Advances in Text-To-Speech technology in Google(谷歌语音合成技术的最新进展)”的学术报告,从工业界的角度讲述谷歌致力于的语音合成技术的最新进展,包括声码器、统计映射、语音转换等。他指出,谷歌的这些技术上在业界处理领先水平,智能语音技术,包括语音合成技术,是谷歌大力发展的领域。
      As Speech-based conversational agents like Alexa, Cortana, Google Now and Siri become the preferred interface for Human-Machine interaction, there is a renewed interest in Text-To-Speech technologies. This talk highlights TTS from an industrial perspective and presents new developments in the fields of Vocoding, Statistical Mapping and Voice Morphing that significantly outperform the baseline and even challenge the status-quo. (随着基于语音交互的智能代理,例如亚马逊Alexa、微软小娜、谷歌Now和苹果Siri在人机交互中的流行,它们对于语音合成技术的需求日趋旺盛。本次报告讲从工业界的角度讲述谷歌致力于的语音合成技术的最新进展,包括声码器、统计映射、语音转换,谷歌的这些技术在业界处理领先水平。)
     Yannis Agiomyrgiannakis finished his PhD thesis on the subject "Sinusoidal Speech Coding for Voice-over-IP" in 2006 at the University of Crete, with Yannis Stylianou. He held a post-doc position regarding speech coding for TTS systems, glottal inversion and voice transformation, at the Text-to-Speech Synthesis group in France Telecom, working with Olivier Rosec. He joined Paul Taylor's startup called "Phonetic Arts" at Cambridge, a company that was introducing speech synthesis to the game industry and was acquired by Google in 2010, where he is the DSP tech-lead for Google TTS. He is the author of 20+ publications and 17 patents in speech coding, speech processing and speech synthesis. His interests are in Signal Processing, Speech Coding, Speech Analysis/Modeling, Statistical Modeling, Sinusoidal Synthesis, Text-to-Speech, Voice-over-IP, Source/Channel Coding, Vector Quantization, Multiple Description Coding, DSP implementation, Glottal Inversion, Voice Morphing, etc.





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